DIY Chalkboard Berry Baskets

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Aren’t berry baskets adorable? It may just be that they are nostalgic to me, and my children might grow up and wonder why it was that I always tried to package treats in these little wooden baskets. I hope not. Hopefully they grow up and think fondly back to those moments where their mom did package little treats into adorable wooden baskets. Only time will tell which is true.
But, that being said, let me show you how I made these cute reusable chalkboard adorned placesetting berry baskets!

What you will need to make your own chalkboard adorned berry basket:
Pint sized wooden berry basket
Washi tape
X-acto knife
Chalk or chalk pen

1: Wrap the washi tape along the top trim of the wooden berry basket. Align the bottom of the washi tape with the bottom of the basket trim. There will be some hanging off the top. 2: Carefully use your x-acto knife and trim the extra washi tape off the top of the berry basket. 3: Cut out one of the country social chalkboard labels. 4: Peel off the backing of the chalkboard label and stick the chalkboard label onto the berry basket. 5: Remove the tape front of the chalkboard label and write your guest’s name on the chalkboard label.

I hope you enjoy our Caramel Apple Social this week! Be sure to check out what else I’ve put together for our party.

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