DIY Santa Stocking Party Favors

So, I might be in love with these little Santa Stockings. Aren’t they adorable? I have such a fondness of stockings. There is something so nostalgic and classic about a red Christmas stocking.  I can’t think of a better, or easier way to put together a little party favor for kids this holiday season! You can stuff these little paper stockings with anything your little guests would love – candy, small toys, stickers, etc!

To make these cute little paper stockings you will need:
White cardstock

1: Print and cut out the stocking template. 2: Use the template to cut out the stocking out of a bigger bitty bag. 3: Sew around the edge of the stockings, except for the top. 4: Stuff the stocking with candy, toys, etc. 5: Sew some cardstock to the top of the stocking. 6: Trim the top with a little twine for a festive finish!


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