"I Am Thankful For" DIY Placesetting

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If there is one thing about Thanksgiving, it’s that it gives us time to reflect upon what we are thankful for. Now, I won’t go starting a list here on my blog post, since that would take up more than my fair share of internet words. But, I do love the tradition of going around the Thanksgiving Day table and mentioning what it is were are thankful for.
So, to make it a little more meaningful this year, print out these adorable placesetting banners to place at each setting. At the beginning of the meal, before food has been gathered, take a moment and let everyone write a small list of what they are thankful for.

I then topped these fabulous “I Am Thankful For” placesettings with a personalized Blumebud from Blumebox. I printed each guest’s name on a Scallop card as well. I love how the blumebuds look, and while they usually adorn a tabletop with some fresh flowers, I made myself some paper leaf adorned pens to pair perfectly with my “I Am Thankful For” list writing guests.
To make your own “I Am Thankful For” placesetting, you will need:
White pen
Thick twine
Glue gun

1: Print and cut the leaves. 2: Glue one leaf to the top of the pen. 3: Continue to glue leaves onto the pen, working your way down. 4: Once you have glued all the leaves you want, wrap the bottom of the pen with the thick twine and glue into place. 5: Set up your placesetting with a pen in each Blumebud, and invite your guests to write down the things they are thankful for this year!

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