DIY Glitter Polka Dot Gift Wrap

If you haven’t noticed this week, I really like wrapping gifts! But, I also really like to add a diy element to gift wrapping as well. It always adds a little more thought and love to the gift. And, since I liked my glitter monogram gift wrapping so much, I came up with another very easy glitter gift wrap – polka dots! This glittered polka dot wrapping paper is an easy and quick solution for any gift, and can be done in a matter of minutes.

What you will need:
White gift wrapping paper
Round sponge brushes

1: I like to start by wrapping my gift in white paper. You can usually find rolls of white paper at office supply or paper stores. By wrapping the gift first, you are able to place your polka dots in the perfect spots. 2: Pour some of the glue out onto a paper plate. Dip your round sponge brush into the glue and stamp it onto your wrapped gift. 3: Sprinkle glitter onto the dot of glue. Tap the excess glitter off of the gift. 4: Repeat until your polka dots are done. Let the present dry.

I tried doing both a uniformed polka dot and random style. They are both adorable and very fun to make! I tied mine up with ribbon before stuffing them under the tree, but they would also look adorable with a handmade bow or tag.
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