DIY Polka Dot Backdrop – for less than $3

I know it’s been said before, but seriously people, every good party needs a photobooth. It is just that much fun! Even kids love hammin’ in up in front of a camera. But, I do understand the need to keep costs down. It’s hard to make a cute backdrop, and even harder to make it cheap and look great.
Well, I’ve got the answer here – a polka dot backdrop for less than $3 total.
Isn’t my daughter the best? She gets tired of modeling for me sometimes, so I think she was delighted when I told her to give me her best funny faces. Ah.. she’s the best!
To make your own DIY polka dot backdrop for less than $3, you will need:
2 white posterboards ($1 total)
Tissue paper ($1.50 for the color package)
2 inch circle punch (already had)
Elmers glue (already had)
Paint brush (already had)
Tape (already had)

1: Tape the poster boards together and hang up on the wall. 2: Punch a bunch of circles out of the tissue paper with the 2 inch circle punch. 3: Hold one of the 2 inch circles up on your posterboard and brush glue over the top of the circle. 4: Add more dots. 5: And more dots. 6: Keep on adding dots until your backdrop is complete!


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