DIY Red Balloon Cupcake Topper

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend. Ours was splendid and relaxing.  But, I did want to stop in and share just a few more ideas to go along with our Red Balloon Adventure party! 
Now, of course I was going to make cute little balloon cupcake toppers. How could I not? This party is all about red balloons! But, to add a little element of surprise, make these cute diy mini balloon cupcake toppers not only decoration, but a great placesetting too.

What you will need to make these adorable DIY balloon cupcake toppers:
5 inch balloons
Paper straws
Needle & thread
Sharpie oil based paint pen, in white

1: Blow up your balloon. 2: Thread a needle and gently tie the string to the bottom of the balloon. 3: Thread the thread through the entire length of the paper straw. 4: Gently pull on the thread until the bottom of the balloon slips into the paper straw. 5: Poke the needle through the bottom of the straw and tie the string off. 6: Take the paint pen and write your guest’s name on the balloon. 7: Let dry.

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