DIY Snowflake Chair Decoration

Let it snow, let it snow! I don’t know if you have snow where you are. Currently we our shoveling our way out of about 2 feet of snow that has stuck around for more than a week, with no chance of melting off anytime soon. So, while we have our fair share of the pretty white stuff, it doesn’t mean we can’t bring it inside for a little holiday party decoration!
I made these little DIY snowflake mobiles as chair decoration for my Gingerbread House Party. I love how much impact a little chair decoration can make! And, they were just about as simple as can be to put together.

What you will need to make your own DIY Snowflake Chair Decoration:
Snowflake paper punch
White cardstock paper
1: Punch out your snowflakes with your paper punch. 2: String together 2 or 3 snowflakes with the needle and thread. 3: Thread your string of snowflakes to the paper straw. 4: Repeat until you have 3 strands of snowflakes on each paper straw. 5: Tie twine on either end of the paper straw and hang unto your chair.

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