Gingerbread House Party with free printable invitation

It’s our 4th Annual Gingerbread House Party! Oddly enough, decorating gingerbread houses was one of our first family traditions we’ve started. I decorated gingerbread houses growing up, but it was never a “tradition”. I guess it all started back the first year that we moved to Seattle. I was stuck in a tiny apartment, in a strange city, with an 18 month little girl and a husband who was never home (welcome to medical school!).

So, as true to my party loving nature, I hosted my first gingerbread house party that year in attempts to make some new friends and entertain my daughter for an afternoon. Gingerbread houses are a great party for little kids! Since then, I’ve learned a lot about hosting such an event; such as, don’t try to make all the houses the evening before. And, you will always need more frosting than you think.

Luckily, after 4 years, this year went almost flawlessly (other than having to hurry and make more frosting last minute.. I will never learn). So, if you are wanting to host your own Gingerbread House Party, be sure to stick around all week while I share my tips and tricks on how to make it magical and stress free!

But, to start, we always need a fabulous invitation! And, since it is so hard to wait for a party once you get an invitation, I thought it would be nice to slip in a little gingerbread cookie and some candy for a sweet treat!
And, don’t forget to package up your cute little invitations! Layer Cake Shop was a great place to shop for my party. For the invitations I used the adorable house cookie cutter, white polka dot bags, & red stripe twist ties.


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