Decorated Wooden Spoons DIY project

I cannot say how many times I have gone out to the store to pick up party supplies and almost purchase ugly plastic utensils. I have close to a million cute little plain wooden utensils hidden away in my party closet that I just keep forgetting about. It doesn’t usually hurt, as I almost always forget to buy the ugly plastic utensils. Something about ugly plastic makes me very forgetful, how about you?
But, as much as I love just a cute plain wooden spoon, they are just as equally fun to dress up in different colors. I’ve done a number of different things to decorate these little spoons. I’ve painted them, stamped them, covered them with paper, etc. But, one of my favorite, and easiest, ways to turn these little wooden spoons into a diy masterpiece is to cover them in washi tape.

What you will need for the decorated spoon diy project:
5 minutes
washi tape
wooden spoons
This project is so effortless and fun that it really shouldn’t come with instructions. But, for those who want to keep reading – 1. Tear off an inch and half or two of washi tape. 2. Wrap the washi tape around the end of a wooden spoon. 3. Repeat with a different style washi tape until you have as many layers as you want.

It’s the quick easy details like these that I love. It doesn’t take a lot of effort, I already had all the supplies stocked, and it added such a fun detail to our ice cream sundae birthday celebration!

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