DIY Mini Animal Party Hats

It’s a party over here! And, as everyone knows, a party just isn’t complete without party hats, even for the smallest of guests. Kids absolutely love these little party animals, and, most likely, you’ll be able to put together a little animal parade with stuff you have just laying around the house (especially if you are in a household of animal obsessed little children, like I am).

I know these cute little party animal hats have been seen before, but I wanted to take my spin on them and share my tips and tricks on how to get them to work. And, of course, adding a cute little sparkly pom-pom on top adds a perfect touch too.

What you will need to make your own DIY mini party hats:
Colorful paper
1 inch hole punch
Teeny tiny sparkly pom-poms

1: Cut 1 inch circles out of the colorful paper. (Tip: I used origami paper because it is very colorful but also very light weight. Cardstock would not work with this project). 2: Cut the 1 inch circles in half. 3: Spread a little glue over one end of the half circle. 4: Fold the half circle into a cone shape and let dry. 5: Drop a little glue on the top of the mini party hat and place a teeny tiny pom pom on the top. Hold until it is mostly dry. 6: Use a little glue (water based, such as Elmer’s) to glue the party hat onto your party animal.

Now, that’s what I call a fun group of party animals!


  1. Emily says

    These are the best! I’m going to make them for my daughter’s zoo party. Could you tell me where you found the mini Pom poms? Thanks so much!


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