DIY Tissue Pom-Pom food toppers

Did you notice the tissue pom pom toppers in yesterdays post? Hopefully you liked them, because today I am sharing how I made them! I was inspired by a cheerleader’s pom-pom, but knew I wanted to use a fringed tissue instead of mylar. Let’s cheer on this tissue paper!

Doesn’t this slider balance so well atop this football? I’ve got to admit that this was my favorite picture to shoot, and I might have taken a half a dozen or so different arrangements of a slider on top of a football. Don’t judge.
Now, to get back onto the correct topic, one great thing about making these cheer pom-poms out of tissue paper is the fact that you can make them in every color of the rainbow. Tissue paper comes in such a great variety that it is easy to match your favorite football team’s colors to cheer your team on!

To make your own DIY Tissue Pom-Pom food toppers you will need:
Tissue paper
Quick drying glue or hot glue
Tooth picks

1: Cut a 1 1/2 inch by 1 1/2 inch square piece of tissue paper. 2: Fold the tissue paper in half and fringe the edge. 3: Roll the tissue paper up into a little bundle. 4: Glue the folded end of the tissue paper fringe on to a toothpick. 5: Glue 2 more mini tissue fringe bundles onto the toothpick.


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