Party Planner Mini Booklet FREE PRINTABLE

Hooray! I finally finished the new Party Planner Free Printable! And.. believe me.. it’s awesome.
This time, instead of giving you a 20 pages of party organization like I did last time, I kept it smaller for more of the small party. But, it is still amazing, nevertheless. And, hopefully next time I will find a good medium between a large 20 page party planner and a small 2 page party planner. Ha!

I love how this one turns into it’s own little booklet. And, I know I sound like a mother bragging about her child, but I really do love the design. Sometimes I have a hard time designing, but it always helps to have a rockin’ color palette to start with – so THANK YOU for helping me narrow down the choices, it always helps when it comes to the design.
But, speaking of color choices. I know I made you all vote for your top favorite, but the voting was so close with 3 out of the 6 color palettes I presented. It was so close that I actually felt bad not offering all of the top 3 – I didn’t want anyone to go without their favorite! So, enjoy all three! I am actually using all three as a way to keep my parties organized and separate, it has turned out to be very useful.

How to make the party planner into a little booklet – double side your printing. Pages 1 and 2 go together, 3 and 4 go together. Fold down the middle and place the inside page inside the cover page.

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