diy geometric favor boxes template printable

diy geometric boxes templateEvery good party needs a good party favor! And, since we’ve already decided that a good party doesn’t need a good excuse to host. You can finish off your no good excuse for a good gem party by making these geometric party favors! Now. Did that make any sense to anyone? Sometimes I find that I have “inside jokes” and they end up only being “inside” my head. Please excuse myself if you didn’t understand what I said.

diy geometric boxes templateNow, that all being said, who wouldn’t want to walk away with one of these fabulous little diy geometric favor boxes? I could have printed them out on colored paper, and you still can, but I love vellum paper and it’s transparent quality! I figure by using vellum that I could let the candy dictate the color the box would be. Which, ends up being even more exciting when the geometric favor boxes are filled with more than one color of candy!

diy geometric boxes templateTo make your geometric favor boxes you will need:

DIY Geometric Favor Boxes template download
Doublesided tape

diy geometric boxes template1: Print and cut out the diy geometric favor boxes template. 2: Put the double sided tape on the flaps, but not the lid flaps (reference the printable to see which flaps to tape). 3: Fold the geometric favor box together. 4: Fill the box with candy!

diy geometric boxes templateWondering what else I did with my gem party? See the rest of my diy ideas here.


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    When I first saw these I loved them but when I realized they were from vellum I swooned! I would love to feature on an upcoming wedding post I am working on if you were agreeable? Visiting via “The WinthropChronicles” linkup

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