Bunny party favor bags – you won’t believe what they’re made from!

bunny-favor-bag-diy-project-1 Yes, more bunnies today! But, have you seen anything cuter? And, you’ll just die when you find out how easy and cheap they are to make. I put them together with everything I had in my house, and I am sure you can too.bunny-favor-bag-diy-project-2These little party favor bags have too many good uses to count, but, let’s try. Think of these little favor bags as the perfect little gift for your Easter brunch crowd. Or, to send a special gift to a loved one. How about as a clever way to send your child’s school lunch with them? Or they could be a fun little gift left in an Easter basket on Easter morning.

I could go on, but you get the idea. These little critters are perfect for many occasions. And, the little face matches the face on my bunny envelopes that I shared yesterday! Do you see the theme going on? I am using these little bunnies as favor bags for my daughter’s party this weekend. And, I cannot wait – they are just too cute.bunny-favor-bag-diy-project-4

To make bunny favor bags you will need:
White paper bags
Pink tissue (optional)
Black marker

bunny-favor-bag-diy-project-5 How to make bunny favor bags – 1: draw two eyes and a nose/mouth near the bottom of the bag. I kept my face below the fold line near the bottom. 2: Open up your paper bag. Fold out the folds of the paper bag. 3: Cut out a triangle from the paper bag. 4: Stand your paper bag up. 5: Put a small strip of pink tissue into the bag. 6: Tie the ears together, and gently twist and fold the ears so they are facing outwards with a little pink tissue poking up.

And, if you are looking for more Easter fun, be sure to head over here to see all my Easter ideas.

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    These are the cutest little bags I have ever seen. My niece’s 2nd birthday is next month and I am definitely going to do these little favor bags! Visiting from Link’n Blogs. :)


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