DIY Crossword Easter Eggs

crossword-easter-egg-diy-1Wow! What a week it’s been. And.. it’s only Wednesday! Yikes. I think my baby has decided that a routine sleep schedule is for everyone else. We’ve been up late most the week, and today we’re up insanely early for a play session. I’ve got to get a little more sleep (and a slightly better schedule) before I go to SNAP next week. Anyone else going? I’d love to meet up!!

crossword-easter-egg-diy-2But, if you really were visiting for some Easter Eggs inspiration… Need to leave a little message to someone this Easter? Try making up these diy crossword Easter Eggs instead. If my kids were older, and needed more of a challenge Easter Egg hunting, I would totally make these up as clues for an Easter treasure hunt. How fun would that be?

crossword-easter-egg-diy-3To make DIY Crossword Easter Eggs you will need:
white eggs
fine point sharpie

1: decide what you are going to say on your Easter eggs. It helps a lot to write down your ideas and crossword puzzle on paper first. 2: draw your crossword puzzle on your egg with pencil first. This helps if your prone to mistakes like I am! 3: sketch over your pencil drawing with the sharpie.

crossword-easter-egg-diy-5Still need some last minute Easter ideas? Check these awesome ideas out.

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  1. says

    How adorabe! Visiting from Show and tell. I was looking for inspiration for my sons’ Cascaron I’m putting in his basket. Yes just one. Adorabe and not too girly!


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