Summer Fiesta : The Party Hop

the-party-hop_summer-fiesta-monday-1Are you ready for The Party Hop? This time around we are sharing our Summer Fiesta party. I am so so very excited to be sharing it this week! For those who haven’t seen our previous ones – The Party Hop is a collaborative party put together by 11 AMAZING bloggers. This is our 3rd one (you can find our Star Gazing Party Hop here, and our Handmade Holiday Party Hop here.) All of the bloggers put together a special DIY party project. Then they mail the projects to me, and I get the awesome chance to style and photograph our party!

And now, all week, we will be sharing our party ideas so that you can put together a party just as spectacular.

This time around, we are so grateful for our sponsor – Balloon Time! Putting together a party like this takes a lot of prep, planning, timing, and effort. It was so much easier with Balloon Time helping out. And, don’t balloons and fiestas just go hand in hand? We are so glad Balloon Time joined our party!
And, don’t forget all the amazing bloggers who helped put this together! Be sure to be following along all week to get the DIY scoop on all of these fabulous projects. The lovely ladies who helped put this together are:

Vanessa of
Lindi of
Chelsey of
Holly of
Paula of
Aimee of
Dawn of
Kirstin of
Bettijo & Aimee of
Brittany of
Sara of (me!)

have a great week!

the-party-hop_summer-fiesta-monday-3                   the-party-hop_summer-fiesta-monday-4 the-party-hop_summer-fiesta-monday-5 the-party-hop_summer-fiesta-monday-6                   the-party-hop_summer-fiesta-monday-7 the-party-hop_summer-fiesta-monday-8 the-party-hop_summer-fiesta-monday-9 the-party-hop_summer-fiesta-monday-10                  the-party-hop_summer-fiesta-monday-11 the-party-hop_summer-fiesta-monday-12

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