PR 101 Local Blogger Workshop

PR 101 blogger workshopIt has taken me over a month, but I am finally writing about our amazing PR 101 Blogger Workshop! Aimee and I hosted this amazing workshop back in early June. We were so excited that our friend and PR guru Lyndsey was able to come down just for the workshop. I had taken her class when I lived in Seattle, so I was so excited to host it here in Utah! PR 101 blogger workshopIt was an amazing night of learning, fun, good food, and great friends! If you are a blogger wanting to branch into working with brands, or getting your content recognized and featured other places, you’ll want to take this class! Head over to Lyndsey’s blog – The Stationery Place, to see where she will be teaching next!

PR 101 blogger workshopAnd – guess what? I’ll be hosting more of these workshops! Except, they won’t all be blogger specific. I’m teaming up with a bunch of very talented ladies who want to share their talent with you!

More on that later, but be sure to sign up to be the first to hear all about it!

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PR 101 blogger workshopAnd, what is a class without a awesome swag bag? The sponsors went far above and beyond to make sure that our class had the best of the best! I love working with every single one of these companies!!! The companies are (starting at the top and going left to right as well as possible)
Stampin’ Up | Avery | Garnish | The Confetti Bar | The Flair Exchange
Sweet Works | Richey And Roo | Just B You Bake It Pretty | Kensie Kate
 Latter-Day Home | Sweetopia | Whisker Graphics | Star And Arrow Designs

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