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Thanksgiving Pie Box DIY project

This post was sponsored by Blumebox
Now, we just can’t leave Thanksgiving alone without discussing pie, can we? In my little family we are true die-heart apple pie loving folk. While we will venture into the slightly unknown (I made an amazing blackberry, apple, and prune jam pie a few years back), it always seems to be a variation of our favorite apple pie.
And, while I love pie, love eating pie, and even love making pie, I am not confident enough in my baking skills to share with you any recipes. I’m a craft girl, and there are plenty of pie experts that I am sure are better than I. So, instead, I wanted to share how you can display little handheld pie pops for your Thanksgiving dessert table!

I’ve got a running theme going on with these paper leaves, don’t I? Well, I just think they are a perfect combination for Thanksgiving, so I’m not caving in. I still love them, and you should too. Aren’t they gorgeous running up the side of this Cube? And, they happen to be the perfect little display for any yummy treat on a stick. Not that I am saying you could serve cake pops at Thanksgiving.. but, I guess if you really wanted to, you could.
To make your own DIY Pie Box you will need:
Glue gun
Your favorite dessert on a stick

1: Print and cut the paper leaves. 2: Start at the top and work down – glue one leaf at a time onto your box. Be sure to somehow crinkle the bottom of the leaf so it doesn’t lay flat. The more movement and definition each leaf has the better. 3: Continue working your way down until you reach the bottom corner of the cube. 4: Put in the cake pop insert into the cube. 5: Stick in your favorite Thanksgiving dessert on a stick!

Thanksgiving Centerpiece DIY project

This post was sponsored by Blumebox
Getting excited for Thanksgiving yet? I am! It’s so hard to create all these projects and then stuff them into storage for a few weeks to actually use them. This tablescape has come together so much more gorgeous than I even imagined, I’m having a hard time not setting the table for Thanksgiving every day. I guess this year, I’ll be sure to write down that I am very very grateful for pretty decorations!

So, as I mentioned earlier, I really love how these paper leaves look when mixed with silk or fresh floral. Isn’t it gorgeous? It’s a perfect little eclectic mix of traditional and modern when you display the arrangement with a Blumebox. The classic feel, yet very modern square, helps tie in the two floral elements perfectly. And, then to top it off, I wrapped some of my very favorite thick twine around the box and slipped in a little “Thanksgiving” banner – absolutely perfect!
To make your own Thanksgiving centerpiece you will need:
Thanksgiving mini banner printable
Thick twine
Fresh or silk floral
Thick floral wire
Glue gun
1: Make your leaf sprig. 2: Print and cut out the paper leaves. 3: Start at the top and carefully glue one leaf at a time onto your floral wire. 4: Glue leaves on until you have the sprig as tall as you want. 5: Wrap a little twine around your Blumebox, gluing it in place. 6: Print and cut the Thanksgiving mini banners. 7: Slip one banner up underneath the twine. You can glue it in place if you need, but mine stayed in place without glue. 8: Arrange the paper leaf springs and floral in the Blumebox.

"I Am Thankful For" DIY Placesetting

This post was sponsored by Blumebox
If there is one thing about Thanksgiving, it’s that it gives us time to reflect upon what we are thankful for. Now, I won’t go starting a list here on my blog post, since that would take up more than my fair share of internet words. But, I do love the tradition of going around the Thanksgiving Day table and mentioning what it is were are thankful for.
So, to make it a little more meaningful this year, print out these adorable placesetting banners to place at each setting. At the beginning of the meal, before food has been gathered, take a moment and let everyone write a small list of what they are thankful for.

I then topped these fabulous “I Am Thankful For” placesettings with a personalized Blumebud from Blumebox. I printed each guest’s name on a Scallop card as well. I love how the blumebuds look, and while they usually adorn a tabletop with some fresh flowers, I made myself some paper leaf adorned pens to pair perfectly with my “I Am Thankful For” list writing guests.
To make your own “I Am Thankful For” placesetting, you will need:
White pen
Thick twine
Glue gun

1: Print and cut the leaves. 2: Glue one leaf to the top of the pen. 3: Continue to glue leaves onto the pen, working your way down. 4: Once you have glued all the leaves you want, wrap the bottom of the pen with the thick twine and glue into place. 5: Set up your placesetting with a pen in each Blumebud, and invite your guests to write down the things they are thankful for this year!

Paper Leaf Wreath DIY project

This post was sponsored by Blumebox
I know I keep on mentioning this little fact time and time again – but I love paper. I really love cutting and creating with it. No one who knew me when I was little would be surprised at this statement. I probably tried to pawn off on them a paper creation or two.
But, luckily for me, since getting older, I have been able to hone my paper crafting into something a bit more usable and impressive – such as this paper leaves wreath diy project.

So, for Thanksgiving this year, I am adding a bunch of paper foliage to the decor. It’s a cheap, but custom way to add a little depth to the standard collection. And, I love the way the paper leaves look mixed in with silk or fresh floral (that’s coming later this week!).

Print and cut out a bunch of paper leaves. You can download the leaf patterns here. The best way to cut out the leaves would be to fold each print into fourths, with the leaf template at the front. Cut out the leaf through all four sheets of paper – leaving you with four leaves. Do this for every print your print out, it will save you a lot of time cutting out four leaves at once. And, since the projects call for a lot of pinching and folding, be sure to just print the leaves out on normal printer paper.

To make this DIY project, a Paper Leaf Wreath, you will need:
Paper leaves (explained above)
White study paper plate – I used a Chinet dinner plate
Glue gun
As far as the project goes, it is pretty simple once you get into the groove of it all. 1: Cut the middle of the paper plate out, so that it is a wreath shape. 2: Take one leaf at a time and place a little glue at the bottom wrong side of the leaf. Place the leave onto the paper plate wreath and scrunch the bottom of the leaf to give it a little more definition and height. 3: Continue adding leaves until you have completed your wreath!

Free Printable : Customizable Thanksgiving Invitation

This post was sponsored by Blumebox
Did you survive Halloween? Well, guess what? It’s November, which means it’s time for Thanksgiving! I really love everything about Thanksgiving – pretty autumn colors, the best company, good food, and giving thanks for all the wonderful things in my life.
So, why not start Thanksgiving off right with a pretty hand delivered invitation to all the loved ones in your life. Scroll on down to download the free customizable Thanksgiving invitation pdf.

The products I used to dress up my Thanksgiving Invitations were:
5×7 gold envelopes
Black ribbon
I loved addressing the envelopes with a little black ribbon and a Scallop card from Blumebox. They even offer simple instructions on how you can print on the cards at home. I also love the fact that the scallop cards aren’t stickers. Almost every customizable product you print on is a sticker, so it’s nice to have a nice firm tag instead. And, isn’t the font gorgeous? It’s been a personal favorite for a while – the classic wedding font – Champignon font