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DIY Chalkboard Menu

This party was sponsored by Vinyl Wall Art
Did everyone survive Halloween yesterday? It ended up being a busy 17+ hour day for this pregnant lady, and I’ll admit I slept like a very well trained baby last night for more hours than I should have. But, aside from being busy busy and running around all day – it was perfect. We ate candy almost all day, found witches, spent time together just as a family, and then went trick or treating with cousins!
But, aside from all the Halloween glory yesterday, I still wanted to drop by and share these fun and easy DIY chalkboard menu idea with you! Even if you aren’t doing a Caramel Apple Social, think of how cute this menu would be adorning your Thanksgiving table.

For the Chalkboard Menu Plate DIY project you will need:
Standard Dinner Plate – I picked mine up at the dollar store

This DIY project really doesn’t need a full set of instructions, since it is so easy. But, I will oblige. 1: Tape the top of the chalkboard menu vinyl to the top of your plate. 2: Slowly peel the backing of the plate away as your use the vinyl squeegee to firmly press the vinyl down onto the plate. 3: Continue peeling the back away until you have finished pressing the vinyl onto the plate. 4: Peel away the top layer of tape. 5: Press out any air bubbles you might have.  

I love this menu board! There are too many endless possibilities of ways to use this cute little plate. I think it would be great on any sort of food table, cheese tasting party, or even as simple as letting your family know what is for dinner that night. There is something so fabulous and cozy about a chalkboard menu!

DIY Chalkboard Berry Baskets

This party was sponsored by Vinyl Wall Art
Aren’t berry baskets adorable? It may just be that they are nostalgic to me, and my children might grow up and wonder why it was that I always tried to package treats in these little wooden baskets. I hope not. Hopefully they grow up and think fondly back to those moments where their mom did package little treats into adorable wooden baskets. Only time will tell which is true.
But, that being said, let me show you how I made these cute reusable chalkboard adorned placesetting berry baskets!

What you will need to make your own chalkboard adorned berry basket:
Pint sized wooden berry basket
Washi tape
X-acto knife
Chalk or chalk pen

1: Wrap the washi tape along the top trim of the wooden berry basket. Align the bottom of the washi tape with the bottom of the basket trim. There will be some hanging off the top. 2: Carefully use your x-acto knife and trim the extra washi tape off the top of the berry basket. 3: Cut out one of the country social chalkboard labels. 4: Peel off the backing of the chalkboard label and stick the chalkboard label onto the berry basket. 5: Remove the tape front of the chalkboard label and write your guest’s name on the chalkboard label.

I hope you enjoy our Caramel Apple Social this week! Be sure to check out what else I’ve put together for our party.

Pretty little autumn burlap free printable invitation

I just love the look of a busily wrapped gift. I am not sure if that is the right way to describe what I mean, but I love the look of stacking tags and little embellishments all together to create beautiful packaging. And, a invitation to a Caramel Apple Social is the perfect excuse to put together such a little package.

Autumn brings such beautiful colors and textures, so I thought it would be a great time to package them all together into a little hand-deliverable invitation. And then, on top of that, I made these adorable DIY chalkboard tags to customize the invitation, but also to add a little reusable gift. Who wouldn’t love a little handful of these reusable chalkboard tags sitting around? Perfect for gifts and special notes.
To make these reusable DIY chalkboard tags you will need:
Washi tape
X-acto knife

1: Cover a wooden tag with washi tape. Try to match up the pattern of the washi tape when possible. 2: Trim around the edges of the wooden tag with the x-acto knife. 3: Carefully trim out the hole in the wooden tag. 4: Cut out one of the country social chalkboard labels. 5: Peel off the backing of the country social chalkboard labels and stick onto the covered wooden tag. 6: Take the tape off the top of the chalkboard label. 7: Repeat and make a dozen of these cute little chalkboard tags!